Cask Ales

This year we have an exciting selection of over 130 Cask Ales from Wales and the borders.

Some beers will not be known until closer to the event, so please check back for updates as we get closer.

Note: Hover over the beer names to view the tasting notes.

BreweryLocationBeer NameABVType
9 LivesPowys, WalesWiti Kitti4.6%Wheat Beer
9 Lives**Powys, WalesDark4.0%Dark Ale
Anglesey B CAnglesey, WalesTBA
Bang OnBridgend, WalesBaltic Stout13.0%Stout
Bang onBridgend, WalesCask Lager4.0%Lager
Big HandWrexham, WalesUberschall4.5%
Big Hand**Wrexham, WalesHavok5.0%Bitter
Big HandWrexham, WalesPili Pala3.8%Pale Ale
Black CloakConwy, WalesPale3.9%Pale Ale
Black CloakConwy, WalesSpanish Inquisition5.1%Mild
BluestoneGwynedd, WalesRed of Heaven4.2%Red Ale
BluestoneGwynedd, WalesRockhopper3.9%Pale Ale
BoroughNeath Port Talbot, WalesMelin Melyn4.6%Pale Ale
BossSwansea, WalesBlack5.0%Stout
BossSwansea, WalesSamuri Scrum4.0%Pale Ale
BossSwansea, WalesFashion Victim4.5%Speciality Beer
BrainsCardiff, WalesRed Dragon5.0%Bitter
BrainsCardiff, WalesRising Sun4.0%Bitter
Brains**Cardiff, WalesDark3.5%Mild
Brew MonsterCwmbran, WalesLeviathan4.0%IPA
Brew MonsterCwmbran, WalesPhoenix4.5%American Pale Ale
Brew MonsterCwmbran, WalesBlack Widow5.2%Stout
Brew House & KitchenCardiff, WalesTBA
Brew House & KitchenCardiff, WalesTBA
CaderGwynedd, WalesCregennan3.8%Golden Ale
CaderGwynedd, WalesArran Fawddy4.0%Pale Ale
CaderGwynedd, WalesMachlud Mawddach3.9%Pale Ale
CafflePembrokeshire, WalesSprilly Maid4.0%Red Ale
CafflePembrokeshire, WalesSkirp Gold3.8%Golden Ale
Caffle**Pembrokeshire, WalesCatchypole4.5%Indian Dark Ale
Cold Black LabelBridgend, WalesGlyder Fawr4.2%Bitter
Cold Black LabelBridgend, WalesSand Storm4.6%Golden Ale
Cold Black LabelBridgend, WalesNutty Ale5.0%Bitter
Cold Black LabelBridgend, WalesBrecon Gold Beacons4.2%Golden Ale
Cold Black LabelBridgend, WalesBrecon Red Beacons5.0%Red Ale
Cold Black LabelBridgend, WalesBrecon Mind Bleach10.0%Double Black IPA
CerddinMaesteg, WalesCwmdu Stout4.2%Stout
CerddinMaesteg, WalesJolly Jester5.1%Pale Ale
CoachBridgend, WalesNEIPA5.4%IPA
CoachBridgend, WalesPina Colada Pale Ale5.0%Pale Ale
CoachBridgend, WalesBridgend Pale Ale4.2%Pale Ale
ConwyConwy, WalesSurfin IPA4.8%IPA
ConwyConwy, WalesBlack Witch4.3%Black IPA
Crafty DragonBrecon Beacons, WalesGoldings3.8%Bitter
Crafty DragonBrecon Beacons, WalesSession IPA4.2%IPA
Crafty DragonBrecon Beacons, WalesBramling Bitter4.0%Bitter
DinbychDenbigh, Wales6K3.8%Dark Ale
DinbychDenbigh, WalesJohn the Thumbs3.9%Pale Ale
Dinbych**Denbigh, WalesY Mental7.4%Speciality Beer
DruidAnglesey, WalesNo 9 Dream5.0%IPA
DruidAnglesey, WalesGolden Venture6.5%Golden Ale
FacersFlintshire, WalesWelsh Milk Stout4.5%Milk Stout
Facers**Flintshire, WalesMountain Mild3.3%Mild
Facers**Flintshire, WalesNorth Star Porter4.0%Porter
GlamorganRhondda Cynon Taff, WalesWelsh Pale Ale4.1%Pale Ale
GlamorganRhondda Cynon Taff, WalesJeminas Pitchfork4.3%Golden Ale
Gower**Swansea, WalesGower Power5.5%IPA
Grey TreesAberdare, WalesMosaic4.2%Pale Ale
Grey TreesAberdare, WalesBlackwood Stout5.0%Stout
Grey Trees**Aberdare, WalesAfghan5.4%Pale Ale
Gwaun ValleyPembrokeshire, WalesPorter4.7%Porter
Gwaun ValleyPembrokeshire, WalesCitra Blonde3.8%Golden Ale
Gwaun ValleyPembrokeshire, WalesCascade4.8%Pale Ale
HafodMold, WalesHoney Honey4.4%Speciality Beer
HafodMold, WalesLittle Marvel3.5%Blonde Ale
Harbwr TenbyPembrokeshire, WalesPia Whanga4.2%Pale Ale
Harbwr TenbyPembrokeshire, WalesCeltic PalePale Ale
Heart of Wales**Powys, WalesHigh as a Kite10.5%Speciality Beer
HopcraftRhondda Cynon Taff, WalesTBA
IalDenbighshire, WalesHop & Enfawr5.0%IPA
IalDenbighshire, WalesPocket Rocket4.0%IPA
Left BankPowys, WalesHoppla4.5%American Pale Ale
LleuGwynedd, WalesBlodeuwedd3.6%Golden Ale
LleuGwynedd, WalesLleu4.0%Bitter
LlynGwynedd, WalesCwrw Glynd?r4.0%Golden Ale
LlynGwynedd, WalesSeithenyn4.2%Golden Ale
MabbyRhondda Cynon Taff, WalesTBA
MabbyRhondda Cynon Taff, WalesTBA
Mad DogMonmouthshire, WalesK9 Triplehenia7.0%Speciality Beer
Mad DogMonmouthshire, WalesIt's all propaganda5.0%Black IPA
Mad Dog**Monmouthshire, WalesStouty McStoutface4.5%Stout
MantleCeredigion, WalesRock Steady3.8%Golden Ale
MantleCeredigion, WalesMoho4.3%Pale Ale
MontysPowys, Wales12672.8%Bitter
Montys**Powys, WalesMischief5.0%IPA
MumblesSwansea, WalesOystermouth Stout4.4%Stout
OgwenGogledd, WalesChwalfa4.5%Pale Ale
OgwenGogledd, WalesRyc4.0%Pale Ale
The PilotSwansea, WalesGold4.5%Golden Ale
PipesCardiff, WalesCalifornia Pale5.0%American Pale Ale
PipesCardiff, WalesBelgian Dubbel7.6%Speciality Beer
Purple MoosePorthmadog, WalesTBA
Purple Moose**Porthmadog, WalesDark Side of the Moose4.6%Dark Ale
Red DragonPontypool, WalesTBA
Rhymney**Blaenavon, WalesDark4.0%Dark Ale
Rhymney**Blaenavon, WalesExport5.0%Bitter
SandstoneWrexham, WalesAmerican Proper Gander4.1%American Pale Ale
SandstoneWrexham, WalesMorillo4.2%Blonde Ale
Tomos & LilfordLlandow, WalesNash Point4.0%Golden Ale
Tomos & LilfordLlandow, WalesNo Comply4.5%IPA
TenbyTenby, WalesSon of a Beach4.2%American Pale Ale
Tenby**Tenby, WalesBlack Flag5.5%Porter
TinworksLlanelli, WalesOld Castle Pale4.6%American Pale Ale
TinworksLlanelli, WalesMarshfield Red4.7%Red Ale
Tiny RebelNewport, WalesCwtch4.6%Red Ale
Tiny RebelNewport, WalesCask IPA El Dorado4.3%IPA
Tiny Rebel**Newport, WalesStay Puft5.2%Porter
Tiny RebelNewport, WalesWhat's cooler than being cool?8.0%Imperial IPA
Tiny RebelNewport, WalesJuicy4.8%Golden Ale
Tiny RebelNewport, WalesIrish Cream Stay Puft5.2%Porter
Tomos WatkinSwansea, WalesTBA
TudorLllanhilleth, WalesAPA4.5%American Pale Ale
TudorLllanhilleth, WalesGreen Green Grass of home4.0%IPA
Twt LolPontypridd, WalesTBA
Twt LolPontypridd, WalesTBA
Untapped** Raglan, WalesEmber5.2%Mild
Untapped** Raglan, WalesTriple S4.9%Stout
VOGBarry, WalesNatural Born Helles4.8%Lager
VOG**Barry, WalesDark Matter4.4%Porter
Well DrawnCaerphilly, WalesBedwas Bitter4.2%Bitter
WildernessNewtown, WalesTable Pale2.5%Pale Ale
WildernessNewtown, WalesMotueka Grisette3.8%Speciality Beer
WildernessNewtown, WalesTBA
Zero DegreesCardiff, WalesTBA
Zulu AlphaCaldicot, WalesEvolution5.2%Pale Ale
Zulu AlphaCaldicot, WalesVoyager4.8%Pale Ale