Why a craft bar?

For the 2018 Great Welsh Beer and Cider Festival Cardiff CAMRA have constructed a dedicated 12 tap craft beer bar for the festival to meet the demand of our loyal customers.

Over the last 10 years South Wales has seen an explosion of new Craft Breweries appearing and Cardiff alone now boasts several such as Pipes, Crafty Devil, Rival and Arcadian to name a few.

At the same time a whole new wave of craft brewery taps / pubs have popped up over Cardiff such as Pipes, The Hop Bunker, The Crafty Devil Cellar and Beelzebubs. That have proved very popular with the people of Cardiff.

These new breweries are making exceptional beers that are unpasteurised, unfiltered, often naturally carbonated in conditioning tanks and unfined. All of which would label them as real beers worthy of our support in CAMRA's eyes.

The stumbling block has always been dispense as these new breweries often cannot afford the cost of purchasing a stock of metal firkins as well as the logistics needed to collect and clean the firkins after use. As such they purchase single use plastic kegs for their breweries that have to be dispensed using gas which was against CAMRA's policies.

After the national consultation and AGM we are now able to stock craft beers in our festival and serve them in the manner intended by the breweries, provided we don't confuse them with real ale and still campaign and promote real ale primarily.

We in Cardiff CAMRA are still avid campaigners and supporters of Real Ale and always will be. We do however believe if a beer is well made and is unpasteurised and unfiltered it is deserving of our support. Cheers!

Construction of the new craft bar

Craft Bar Construction Image 1
Craft Bar Construction Image 2
Craft Bar Construction Image 3
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Craft Bar Construction Image 6
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Craft Bar Construction Image 8
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