What's On

Stunning real Ales from all over Wales

This year at the Great Welsh Beer and Cider Festival we aim to have a truly epic range real ales from both new breweries and old favourites throughtout Wales. The Welsh brewing scene has really come alive the last few years so we're confident it's going fun!

It's enought to make you want a drink!

The 2017 beer list is currently being worked on and will be uploaded once confirmed, until then feel free to look at the 2016 list below.
The 2016 beer list is available here.

Traditional Welsh Ciders and Perries

We have sourced a wonderful selection of real cider and perries from artisan cider makers from all over Wales for this years festival including several old favourites and some new faces.

ZOIDEEERRRRRRRRRR! (tractor not included)

The 2017 cider list is currently unfinished and will be uploaded once confirmed, until then feel free to look at the 2016 list below.
The 2016 cider list is available here.

Calling All Mancester Ale Fans!

For the 2017 Festival we have decided to theme the English part on our order on the offerings of the Manchester and Northwest region, to compare against the best Wales has to offer.

Artisan Streetfood Stalls

We are again sourcing a great selection of street food stalls this year to give you all a fantastic selection of foods to consume while you sample the many drinks on offer, including old favourites and some new names.

Olives and things, one of the many great stalls that has attended our previous events.

The 2017 Street food vendors list is available here

Champion Beer of Wales Competition(CBOW)

We are delighted to again be hosting the Champion beer of Wales Competition (CBOW) in the GWBCF. The CBOW competition decides the best beers in Wales from those shortlisted by our membership over the previous months. The winners are then forwarded on to the Champion Beer of Britain competition in the Great british beer Festival (GBBF) in August to decide the champion beer of Britain.

Judges hard at work, no rest for the wicked!