Staff Outing

The GWBCF is a completely volunteer run festival and as such without all the dedication and hard work of our volunteers our festival would literally not exist.

As a thank you for everyone's hard work a month or so after the event we organise a staff outing to a local brewery with some free beer and a buffet thrown in. We hire a free bus from Cardiff, go to the brewery then visit a couple of pubs on the way back.

For the 2017 Festival our staff outing was to Tiny Rebel's new brewery in Newport.

The brewery looks amazing and none of us could wait to visit one of Wales most exciting breweries!

If you are interested in volunteering at the festival it can be done here. And no, you can't go on the trip if you don't volunteer!

Our staffing officer will email everyone who has volunteered at the festival to confirm numbers wishing to attend the staff outing a little before the festival so keep an eye out. Alternatively you can sign up to the staff outing at the festival itself on the staffing desk if you do not have an email address.

In previous years we have gone to Otley Brewery in 2016 and Greytrees Brewery in 2015.

Below are some photos of our 2015 trip to greytrees.

The 2015 Volunteer Team, thanks for all your hard work!

Smell my hops, not a request you get every day!

One of the Coppers at Greytrees brewery

These lads may or may not have enjoyed themselves so much they forgot to get back on the bus in Ponty lol

The Greytrees bottle shop, what a lovely sight!