Frequently Asked Questions

When is the festival?
The dates for the 2018 Great Welsh Beer & Cider Festival are the 27th-29th September.

What are the opening hours?
The festival is open from 11am to 11pm each day.

Do you have a cashpoint on site?
No, sorry but you will be able to buy beer tokens but not food via card.

What is the dress code for the beer festival?
As the Depot is a Warehouse Venue we suggest dressing as if the festival is outside to ensure you are warm during your stay .

I have never been to a beer festival before. I’ve heard you need to wear a woolly jumper or anorak to get in?
Nope. We’ll let almost anyone in provided they pay the entrance fee.

You mean I have to pay to get in?
Yes. The costs of hiring the hall, equipment, security etc. is well, a lot! If we did not charge an entry fee we would be losing money hand over fist. It is still less than going to a night club and a lot more fun!

Okay, I have to pay but will I have to sell my soul to afford the entrance charge?
Probably not. Entrance to the festival will cost you the princely sum of £7.00 This will include your souvenir glass and programme which gives details of the beers. CAMRA members will get £1.00 in beer tokens!

I am a CAMRA member - do I have to pay to get in?
Yes, see above, but because you are such nice people we'll give you £1.00 of tokens so you can get to the bar straight away! Remember to bring your membership card or you'll miss out.

Will food be available?
Yes. Food will be available for the duration of the festival. This year we will feature a number of award winning street food vendors. Details are available here.

What is there to drink?
We will have over 140 different real ales varying in style from golden ales to milds and stout together with over 60 different ciders and perries (made from pears). The beer list is available here and the cider list is available here.

Do you serve any vegan or vegetarian drinks?
Most of our beers will have been cleared using isinglass finings so are not suitable, however we may have a few beers that do not use them and these will be marked. Ciders and perries are not fined using isinglass and are vegan friendly, apart from the ones made with dead rats (joke!)

Do you allow dogs at the Festival
No, dogs are not allowed in the venue (expect assistance dogs)

Can I buy tickets in advance?
For the 2018 festival, tickets will only be available on the door, there will not be any advance sales website

Can electronic cigarettes be used in the Venue?
Yes, unlike some pub groups, vaping is allowed inside the venue

Do you provide any toilet facilities including disabled?
Yes we will have plenty of toilet facilities available including disabled access. We are ordering in extra toilets to the Depot to cope with the expected demand

Can I film a video at the Festival?
Only with the permission of both CAMRA and the venue. A full risk assessment must be provided before any film crews are allowed on site. Please contact us via for details

My normal job is boring, can I work at the festival instead?
If you are a CAMRA member you can work the festival but note that all our staff are volunteers and are not here for any financial reward, they just have a passion for real beer and cider (so please be nice to them…)
Click here to be taken to the Festival Volunteer signup

I’m beginning to think this CAMRA thing is a good lark, how would I join?
Membership to the Campaign for Real Ale is quick and easy, you can join on the web here, or at the festival itself at the membership and information stand. As a bonus you can claim two free pints when you sign up at the festival. (* conditions apply)

* New memberships only, not available to renewing or lapsed members.