The GWBCF is a volunteer event organised by members of CAMRA the Campaign for Real Ale.

Our event can only run with the support of our volunteers and we need as many people as possible to ensure our event runs smoothly. Both during the week of the festival and the run up to it.

Volunteering is a great way to meet new friends and learn new skills. The perks for being a volunteer at our event are:

  • A free buffet is put on at lunchtime on Monday and Sunday for the staff working on setup and take down at the festival.
  • A free buffet is provided after close to the public on Saturday night as a thank you to the volunteers.
  • A staff trip is arranged for the volunteers to a local brewery a few months after the event with some free beer as a thank you.
  • Tea and coffee is provided free to volunteers during the event.
  • Volunteers are allowed to drink moderately for free during the event provided they do not get drunk or are in a role which does not allow alcohol (stewarding & first aid).
  • A pre festival pub crawl is arranged Wednesday before the event to catch up with old friends and have a chat.

Finally the GWBCF Comittee would like to thank Charles Gerard's Regiment of the Sealed Knot Society for once again manning the entrance to the GWBCF. Without your continued support we would be unable to run the event.

GWBCF Staffing Form

If you do not wish to work in a specific area please select 'Other' and you will be contacted / assigned a role on the day. If you especially wish to work in a specific area, pleasee choose it from the list and we will try our best to accommodate your needs.
Please let us know if you have any skills that may be of use to us i.e Welsh Speaker, First Aid, Trade Skills (Electrician, Plumber, Carpenter) and you are prepared to provide these skills.
Please indicate what sessions you are able to work.
Please enter any other information / special requirements, which may be relevant. For example, if you can only work part of a session, or you have any allergies or medical conditions that you would like us to be aware of.
All staff must read the CAMRA Volunteers Handbook and Information for Volunteer Staff these can be downloaded from here