GWBCF 2017 Streetfood Vendors List

This year at the GWBCF we have pulled out all the stops to organise a great range of food stalls to suit all tastes.

For the vegetarians we have a range of options. Toasted cheese sandwiches from Mr Croquewich, handmade falafels from Gannon's Falafel, wood fired veggie pizzas from Yuleys, asian noodles from Katiwok and if you want a small stack vegan fruit leathers from Cowleys.

For the meat eaters out there we have a treat in store as well! Luxury breakfast muffins from Muffin Man (the chorizo hash browns are to die for!), foot long bratwursts from Yuleys, Epic sausage rolls from Little Jack Horners and traditional hog roast from the Greedy Pig.

The GWBCF 2017 Stall List

Cowleys Fine Foods
A range of meat Jerky (dried marinated strips of meat), fruit leathers and vegetarian snacks.

Chilli of The Valley
Heat from the heart of Wales, Homemade chilli sauces from Dan and his locally grown chillis.

Mr Croquewich
Luxury grilled cheese sandwiches with a great range of fillings.

Muffin Man
Homemade muffins, chorizo hashbrowns, egg & pork belly.

Yuleys Bratwurst
Traditional Bratwurt sausages and a range of exotic meats. Also wood fired pizzas.

Pan Asian rolls, noodles and rice from a much loved Cardiff establishment.

Little Jack Horners
Award winning freerange sausage rolls from Somerset.

The Greedy Pig
Traditional Hog Roast

Gannon's Falafel
Authentic hand made falafel as well as pancakes!